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Ogonblick means “moment” in Swedish, and our aim is to enhance our customers everyday through carefully selected Nordic moments. Our product range of casual fashion, personal care, textiles and home ware aims to create a calm and functional backdrop for our customers to help them focus on what is really important: their own life.

In line with the Nordic design tradition, we prefer natural materials, clean lines, muted colors and simple or no patterns. Our colors are taken from all the diverse tones appearing in Nordic nature throughout the year.

We wish to inspire a simplified lifestyle and always look at the horizon, dreaming of a better life. Therefore the horizontal line – dividing an area into two distinct fields – is used throughout our visual identity.

Our stores are organized around key Moments of the day – Morning, Day, Afternoon, Evening and Night – with displays of stylized Nordic everyday situations to inspire our customers. This creates a natural and inviting way to display and interact with our products as we always aspire to inspire and improve the everyday of our customers.



自然融于艺术,艺术源于生活,是北欧时刻创⽴以来⼀直努⼒追求的⽅向。以提供天然材质、美观实⽤的优质⽣活⽤品,实现人与自然间和谐为重要使命。使⽤环保可降解的天然材料,运⽤对⾃然友好的制造⼯艺,利⽤艺术的灵感塑造赋有美感的产品,构建纯正北欧生活品牌。同时以“时刻·享受·北欧”为核⼼, 把⼀天划分为5个时刻,并将轻艺术概念融⼊不同的⽣活场景,让热爱⽣活的⼈们每⼀天的每⼀时刻都可以享受充满艺术⽓息的北欧风情。

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